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Welcome to Taylor-Fit Pilates

sarah taylor

Whether you’re completely new to Pilates, or a seasoned practitioner, we have a class for you !

You’ll be in good hands … Sarah Taylor is a dedicated Pilates Instructor whose qualifications include :-

Register of Exercise Professionals (REP’s) Advanced Instructor Level 3 Pilates Teacher (Membership No R0012222).
Level 4 Specialist Instructor in the Management of Low Back Pain.
Backcare Professional member (Membership No 71228).

Sarah is constantly seeking to develop her professional standards with regular update days, courses and through her own personal practice.

  • Alan Watson, Chaddesley Corbett

    “I have a weak muscle in my back under the shoulder blade due to a long standing injury. My GP recommended pilates to strengthen that muscle and for the last 12 months it has helped and I have experienced less pain. A couple of weeks ago my back had a…

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  • Lesley Senter, Harvington.

    “I have attended Sarah’s classes for about 4 years on a weekly basis.  I have a bad back so my weekly stretch is important.  Sarah’s exercises have really helped me to remain upright, and look after my little grandson on a Thursday afternoon.  Sarah has a wonderful sense of humour…

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  • Sasha Campbell Thomas, Bromsgrove.

    “I started going to Sarah’s pilates classes a few years ago when I experienced low back pain and I haven’t looked back.  I do believe that regular pilates has helped my back pain.  Sarah is an excellent pilates teacher and I would highly recommend her classes.  She  is very experienced…

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  • Rachel Burton, Bromsgrove.

    “I joined Sarah’s Pilates classes as I have had a bad back on & off for many years. Since attending the classes I’ve found improvement in my back mobility & my core strength is much stronger. The classes are relaxed & friendly & Sarah adapts exercises to suit all individuals.”

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  • Julia Hallam, Cutnall Green.

    I have been taking a Pilates class with Sarah for a couple of years now. She is extremely knowledgeable and her approach is calm and clear. She seamlessly adjusts exercises for all abilities and individuals, making you feel equally safe and challenged. Alongside this her friendliness, enthusiasm and humour make…

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  • Penny Marchant, Harvington.

    I have suffered from back problems for decades – several episodes a year requiring physio. I have now done pilates for a few years and unless I am particularly silly ( in home, garden, or sport), they are now much rarer events. Don’t expect a quick fix – but even…

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  • Vicky Attwood, Chaddesley Corbett.

    “Sarah’s patience, experience and individual attention has encouraged me to progress so much that my core strength has improved.  Different equipment is used so that no two classes are the same.  I come away from each class with a feeling of well being and relaxation and an increased sense of…

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  • Pippa Raeside, Chaddesley Corbett

    I have been attending Sarah’s pilates classes for over 6 years now and have found them so beneficial to my strength and posture. Having a desk job means I am prone to slouching and rounded shoulders. Sarah has taught me about being mindful of how I am sitting and where…

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  • Andrea Barker, Chaddesley Corbett

    I have been attending Sarah’s Pilates classes for 3 years and look forward to them. Sarah is a great teacher explains things very well and makes the classes fun as well as beneficial. Pilates really does help to strengthen your core, keeps your joints flexible and actually changes your shape…

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  • Trish Fox, Harvington

    I had a nasty fall in May 2013 and hurt my back.  A friend of mine suggested that I try Pilates and after searching I found Sarah. I joined her class as she has additional qualifications focusing on back problems.  One of the best things I ever did!  I think…

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