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Pilates is a mystery to many people. Here’s a basic outline …

What Is Pilates ?

Pilates for Men and WomenPilates is a discipline that can change the way you move, look and feel.   It improves strength and flexibility, decreases stress, improves posture and co-ordination.

Pilates teaches you to focus and gain a better awareness of your body.  It identifies and corrects any bad habits you may have, helps to release any tension within the body.  Pilates exercises all muscle groups in your body, combining suppleness and strength, to create balance and poise.

Pilates gives you greater body awareness of how you feel, and how you move and works by lengthening, strengthening and toning muscles, works the body from the inside out, strengthening deep postural muscles.  It realigns any muscle imbalances and reduces injuries caused by misuse or bad posture.  It is beneficial for all age groups and fitness levels as every exercise can be adapted, modified and customised for individual needs.

Benefits Of Pilates

  • Improved posture and alignment.
  • Improved flexibility and mobility of the spine
  • Improved core stability
  • Increased joint mobility and bone density
  • Improved co-ordination and balance
  • Greater flexibility
  • Improved muscle strength and tone
  • Increased energy by relieving stress and tension from the body
  • Develops the efficiency of the lungs