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Taylor-Fit Pilates provides mats and the majority of the equipment used in the class, so you just need to bring yourself!. You should wear loose, comfortable clothing you can easily move in – most people wear tracksuit bottoms or leggings, and a T-shirt or vest. It doesn’t need to be specific workout clothing, but we recommend you avoid jeans or smart work trousers as they don’t offer enough movement. We do Pilates in bare feet or socks.
If you’ve never done Pilates before, come to a beginner class. If you have, we offer improvers, intermediate and advanced. If you’re not sure which is most appropriate for you we can help you to decide.
No we require that all clients book their classes with us in advance.
Our clients have found it helpful to book a few private lessons before embarking on a group practice. We don’t require this, but those who have started out with private lessons do find that they get more out of our group classes after they have mastered some of the principles on their own.
Outdoor shoes must be left outside the room. We practice in bare feet or you may wish to wear socks or other Pilates specific footwear throughout your lesson.
Pilates places emphasis on concentration and focus. We want everyone to be mindful of this and to keep mobile phone disruption to a minimum out of respect for all those enjoying the space. If you need to take a call, please do so outside the room.
Yes! Private lessons are most suitable for clients recovering from injury, who are pregnant or have other conditions that require special attention. Elite athletes and those who just like to guarantee they get the most for their minute enjoy private lessons as well.
All of our classes and private lessons are 55min.